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What is the difference between the DFY Repurpose and DFY Original Series plans?

Both plans come with repurposing content, but the DFY Original Series plans lets you leverage our insight into creating binge-worthy shows through our proven show strategy process, having a dedicated consultant, and more.

Our DFY (done-for-you) plans are designed for teams that are short on time, people or resources and need tribetactics to create the content with their guidance. You buy credits every month and scale as you grow. Our DFY plans come in two tracks, DFY Repurposing, and DFY Original Series.

DFY Repurposing - perfect for teams with existing content that they need to repurpose.

DFY Original Series - perfect for teams that are looking to start their own episodic content show, and want hands-on support to help plan, produce, repurpose, and distribute the series.

Either of the DFY plans is perfect for:

  • When you need people, not more tools
  • When you are short on time or lack internal resources to hit your content goals
  • You're looking for more advanced repurposing needs beyond what chopcast offers
  • You're looking to create an original series from A to Z and want us to help