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Can I order a pillar (long-form videos) to be edited and microcontent from it to be developed at the same time?

Absolutely! However, there are some considerations to keep in mind.

If you are thinking about submitting pillar videos, such as webinars, episodes, or other long-form video content and want to simultaneously order microcontent (MC) whether video or image from them, you can do so.

The only limitation to keep in mind is that you can only specify topics but not specific timestamps. This is because the duration of the edited pillar may change, and so it would be redundant to select timestamps based on a file that will be edited.

For that reason, we recommend one of 2 workflows:

1. Submit the pillar and the MCs, and for the MCs select general topics or the start of phrases but do not add any specific timestamps.


2.  Submit the pillar, wait until the pillar is done, and then submit the MCs where you can select specific timestamps if you wish.


If you have other questions, please email us or chat to us from inside your dashboard.