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What's the difference between the content repurposing modes inside my dashboard?

There are 3 ways we offer to help you repurpose your content, ranging from fastest to most accurate.

The 3 modes are:

  • Fastest: tribetactics can pick the general topics and timestamps
    • In this mode, we will use our best judgement to pick and develop content pieces from your original asset that we belive will resonate with your audience given our understanding of your target audience. Of course, you can expect some discrepancies here between what you think is perfect and what we think is perfect. However, we will always be mindful of your brand going in, and blend that with our experience of knowing what works best on social. 
  • Topics: I will provide the topics, and tribetactics will decide the best timestamps
    • In this mode, you can select the topics that matter to you, and we'll do the heavy lifting of scanning and deciding on the exact timestamps to cut and burn. You will be able to review our selections and make small tweaks within reason.
  • Timestamps: I will provide the exact timestamps I need
    • This mode is if you know precisely what you want. In this mode, let us know what timestamps you want precisely and we will do exactly that. The only drawback is that naturally, it may take a bit more prep time on your end as you scan through the videos yourself.